Why does Glass fish tank break often?


Poor thickness of glass leads to breakage of fish tanks.  It is better to understand thickness of glass while buying a fish tank.  I am going to explain few important things why does the fish tank break often?

Follow the guidelines to purchase a good fish tank.

Tip 1:

Purchase a glass tank with good thickness of glass. For example,

2x1x1  (in feet) (LXBXH) requires of 5 mm glass thickness on all sides

2x1x1.5  requires 6 mm glass thickness

3x1x1.5 requires 8 mm glass thickness

4x1x1.5 requires 12 mm glass thickness

If you buy a poor thickness glass, it may break at any time.

Tip 2:

Good quality always coincides with right price.  Just because you get a fish tank for low price, donot go for it.

  Ensure several quality factors like thickness of glass, clarity of glass and paste applied in the tank. 

So, check all these factors thoroughly before you make a purchase.

Tip 3:

You have to provide proper cushion for your fish tank. Improper cushion leads to breakdown of your fish tank. We can use various cushioning materials like Thermacool and rubber.

We have already published few details about rubber cushioning in our website and you tube channel. Try to keep the fish tank on a even surface.

Tip 4:

Big stones or  rocks used for aquascaping  may fall sometimes and lead to crack in fish tanks. So, Ensure proper placement of rocks in the tank set up. 

Some fishes have a nature of digging bottom stone and spit them out on glass.  Use chips like material as a substrate for those fishes like Flower horn or African cichlids.

Tip 5:

Never try to move your fish tank with water and stones. It may lead to cracks at the bottom. It is always better not to take out the fish tank for cleaning . 

Once a fish tank is kept in a place, donot disturb the set up. Do all the water changes in the same place.

When you follow the above guidelines, you can reduce chances of tank breakage.

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