Tank Set up for Disease Cure

When your fish is sick, you have to prepare the fish tank before adding medication. Just follow the steps given below

Step 1:

Transfer your sick fish into a bucket or small tub temporarily.  Give sufficient aeration and close the top of bucket partially to avoid jumping of fish.

Step 2:

Remove all gravels from the bottom of the tank.  We have to carry out treatment  in the bare bottom tank. You should also remove resin, plastic plants etc.

Step 3:

 Siphon out 50 to 75% of water from the bottom of the fish tank along with faeces.  Never do 100% water change unless and until it is required.

Step 4:

Remove all chemical filter media like Activated carbon, Ceramic rings, Bioballs etc . we should not do treatment with these chemical media in water.  However, there is no need to remove sponge from the filtration set up. Many people have a misconception that sponge will absorb medicines. It is not right. Presence of sponge will keep fish tank crystal clear for disease treatment.

NB:  Wipe off internal surface of tank with a cloth dipped in hot water. This process will kill parasites, bacteria, fungus etc and give a hygienic condition for the sick fish to recover fast. You have rinse sponge in hot water to kill germs

Step 5:

Fill  your fish tank with good conditioned bore water (or) Ro water (or) Bubble top water. You can fill water upto 75% of total capacity of your fish tank. If your have top filter you have to fill till power head is immersed in water.

It is always better to give treatment in separate tank.  More the water volume, more will be requirement of medicines.

NB: Keep water level at 30% , if your sick fish is lying at the bottom.  It is done to avoid damage to eyes of fish

Step 6:

Keep a aquarium heater @ 28 degree Celsius  to keep warmness in the tank and also to kill germs .

Step 7:

Add  2 to 3 tea spoons of rock salt or iodised salt into the tank.  Addition of salt is to maintain osmosis in fish.  Donot add excess salt into the tank.

Step 8:

Install the filter and run it for 30 to 60 minutes to provide sufficient aeration to the new water.


Now, Fish can be released into the tank. Allow the fish to adjust to the new water for minimum 3 hours.  You can medications after 3 hours


You can add medications now as per dosage prescribed to you.  We provide many medications like Fish Dr. Paracure, Stress Reducer, Enpr, Xcare, Para plus, CL, CNN, Gprobac.  Actual dosage depends upon prevailing condition of the sick fish. Call us or whatsapp 9444992698 to understand the actual dosage


1.On first day of medications, donot feed your fish as the medicated water is bitter in taste.  It is better to keep a light in the tank for the easy observation of sick fish

2. On second day, observe for the presence of any white excretions in the tank. If you notice any white excretions, we have to change few medications according to the prevailing condition of the sick fish.

3. On third day, do 50% water change and repeat the medications as prescribed on the first day.

4.  Normally most of the fishes will recover or start improving within 4 days.  If there is no improvement, either we have to change the medications or review the case.

I hope the above steps are useful for disease treatment

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