How to buy healthy fish from Aquarium shop?

In this blog i am going to tell you 6 points to consider while buying a fish from aquarium shop


First and fore most point is checking is  the swimming pattern of fishes.  Healthy fishes swim actively. you can select a fish of your choice after seeing its activity. sick fishes are not  active. so, you can avoid them easily.

Food Intake:

Before purchasing a fish, confirm the feed intake of your fishes. Healthy fishes show eagerness to eat the food. Just ask the shop keeper to feed the fishes and understand that fishes have interest towards food.  Then, use the same food as suggested by the aquarium shop keeper.


when we want to keep ornamental fishes, the main attraction is their brilliant colours and body shapes.  Generally all healthy fishes reveal their original colour in the tank.  However, colour in the fish depends upon various factors like age and maturity. Select a good natural colour enhancing food to feed your fishes.


we have to select compatible fishes for our aquarium. Though we buy healthy fishes of incompatible nature, they fight and damage each other. so, before buying fish, consult with shop owner about the compatibility of fishes.


compatible species set 1 : lion head, oranda gold,Black moors and  Koi carps,

compatible species set 2 : Mollies , Guppies, Sword tails, Platys

compatible species set 3 : Discus and Angels

compatible species set 4: African cichlids

Quality & Price:

Quality always coincides with price. just because when you get a fish at cheaper price, donot go for it. you may feel happy when you get a fish at low price.  But, after certain period, or even immediately it may die. so, Though prices are high, choose the best shop to buy fishes.

Diseases & Disorders:

This is one of the important factor to consider while making purchase.  you have to look into various signs of disease in fishes. you have to thoroughly check the fishes especially eyes, deformities in body, presence of lice or anchor worms, tail rot or fin rot, closed fins, irregular opening of mouth

and gills.  There might be slight damage to fins if fishes are kept in a group. consult with the aquarium shop keeper if they are healthy.

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