Tank Preparation for treatment of sick fishes

Whenever you face a problem in your fish, you have to get into action immediately to save the life of wet pets.  In this blog , I am going to explain few things about giving first aid treatment for pet fishes.

You may see that your fish is sick in the midnight.  During that time, it is obviously difficult to find immediate solution for the problem in your fish. 

Follow the guidelines given below to take care of your pet fish during emergency time.

Water poisoning is the major problem in most of the cases.  Stress levels of will go up high and ultimately leads to death of the fish.  So, to avoid losing your pet, change 50- 75% of water immediately.


Fill the tank with well conditioned water. It is always better to keep minimal quantity of conditioned water to meet the emergency situations.


You have a fish tank of many fishes.  One or two of fishes seems to be sick. Isolate the sick fishes into a bucket. Provide sponge filter and cover the top of the bucket to avoid fish jumping.

Tip 3:

Add little salt and keep one heater @ 28 degree celsius.

Tip 4:

Look out for the presence of  disease symptoms in your fish  like swimming disorders, Skin Disorders, Eye problems, Bulged abdomen etc.  You can check our you tube channel Fish Doctor India for more input about finding fish diseases and their treatment.

Tip 5:

Add Fish dr. Xcare, Para plus and bacimin as  a first aid medication. You can follow the dosage as mentioned in the  respective container. 

It is always better to keep Fish Dr. 8in1. Medication set.  It is highly essential for all the hobbyists. This Fish Dr. 8in1 set will help to recover most of the sick fishes.

Tip 6:

Just observe the fish for 24 hours to see any improvements. If you donot find any improvement in your fish, you can whatsapp your sick fish video to 9444992698 for getting better treatment for your sick fish.

Follow  the above guidelines to save your pet fish during emergency time.