Fish Home or Fish Jail

Aquarium fishes donot get all required elements in fish tank. Though we provide good quality filtration systems, good food and crystal clear water quality, fishes undergo some kind of stress.

This topic is focus on few factors which we lack in fish tanks.

Fish Jail

1.Mobility:  Fishes live in natural water bodies like rivers and lakes and sea have a good chance of moving up and down, left to right etc. This mobility helps to increase appetite and a easy defecation.

Whereas in glass tanks, fishes  have limited mobility.  Even when water poisoning happens in fish tank, they have no chance to move out except to undergo stress in the same tank

2. Food: Fishes get variety of food from natural sources. They eat whatever they like in natural waters. But in fish tanks, we feed them with food containing high content of chemicals, colour enhancers, vitamin supplements etc.  Even if we feed fishes with high quality fish food, they undergo malnutrition.

3. Colour of water:

In nature fish lives in an environment where the water is green. This green water supply all essential nutrients for colouration. Fish likes to live in this water.

We maintain crystal  clear water in fish tank. We think that clear water is the indicator of hygienic condition of fish tank.  But fish likes to live to green coloured water

4. Lighting:

Fishes choose their preferred light zone in the natural waters. It means, whenever they need light they come to surface to get the benefits of sunlight. Similarly, when they want to go darkness, they go down.

However, in glass tanks, fishes get uniform illumination in the tank. This lighting keeps them stressed always.

5.Sexual harassment:  Both sexes of same variety of fish exist in nature.  They enjoy breeding activity and reproduce their own generations.

But in case of glass tanks, we rear mostly single species like Flower horn and Arowana.  Many fish hobbyists just ignore the importance of opposite sex.  As a result of this, life span of male fish get reduced.

So, These are the reason, why I said Fish Tank as Jail. Still we can improve our fish tank and its maintenance activities so that we can provide better environment for our fishes.

Basically, it is an awareness post for Fish Hobbysits.

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