How to find Age of a Fish?

There are cetain techniques available to find the age of the fish. Best technique to find the age of a fish is  based on the scale.

Growth of fish scale is proportional to its growth. There is a focus at the centre of the scale. Certain circular rings keep on developing around the focal point. These circular rings are called as CIRCULI.

As the fish grows, there will be formation of more circuli around the focus.  At one point circuli will start forming in a dense pattern. This thick circulus is called as “Annulus”.  First annulus is the First year

 (Age 1) of the fish.

Then, circuli keep on forming aroung first annuli and after sometime, the circuli will form  like a dense line. This is Called as “Second Year” (Age 2)of the fish

This process keep on going as the fish grows in size.

The pattern of circuli and Annuli can be seen under microscope. We have to take out one scale from the live fish and keep it on a glass slide and take impression of scale.

The so processed glass slide will be observed under microscope for the diagnosis of circuli and Annuli.

If you want to know the age of your fish, you have to contact the nearest vetrinery or Fisheries lab for the identification of fish age.

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