Sucker fish (or) Pleco is good (or) bad for fish tank?

Sucker fish is one of the best fish  in cleaning algae in fish tank. Normally it is kept  to clean the  fish tanks.

many think that sucker fish eats waste excreted by other fishes. it is not true. It eats algae and other pellet foods like other fishes.

Sucker fish has disc shaped mouth, and keep sticking to glass or any objects in the tanks. It comes to surface to take oxygen like Fighter fish.

Uneaten small food particles lead to the formation of fungus, which ultimately affects fish to get disease.If Sucker fish is there, it will eat small food particles and helps to maintain hygenic condition of the tank.

Sucker fish is voracious feeder and eats a lot. if it does not get sufficient food, it will turn into parasitic mode and start attacking fish. watch the above video how sucker fish attacks flower horn.

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