First Aid for Sick Fishes

10 steps for treating sick fish:

step1:Transfer sick fish into a bucket full of water and provide sufficient aeration

step 2: Remove all gravels and ornaments from the tank. ( treatment should be done in bare bottom glass tank)

step3: Now, siphon out dust from the bottom of the tank along with water. remove 50- 75% water from the tank

step4: Remove filtration media like Activated carbon, bioballs and ceramic rings for quick reach of medicines to fishes.

step5: wipe off internal surface of tank with a cloth dipped in hot water for better disinfection. ( rinse sponge of the filter also in hot water)

step6: now top up tank with water ( Bubble top water or Reverseosmosis water or good conditioned water) . fill water upto 75% of tank height and run filter

NB: if you have imported tank, use sponge filter because top filter maynot work at 75% water level.

if your fish is lying flat at bottom, keep water to the 30 to50% of total tank height

step7: keep a heater @28 deg celsius

step8: add 2 to 3 tea spoons of salt

Nb: salt should not be added if the fish is having kidney related issues.check bulged abdomen video in our channel for knowing the treatment procedure

step9: now, release fish back into the tank

step10: medicines should be added after 3 hours of introduction of fish into the tank.

we recommend use of Fish dr. paracure, stress reducer, Enpr/CL, xcare, Gprobac and energy booster for most of the cases. however, dosage will different from case to case

first day use all the combinations as per dosage. since water taste bitter, fishes may not eat. donot worry for that.

most of the fishes will recover from the second day. if you donot find any improvement, you can repeat the medicines on the third day.

Nb: watch the 3 videos in this blog for better understanding. English subtitles are provided

still fish is not improving send us video to our whatsapp number 091-94449992698

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