Natural Dewormer-Garlic for Fish dewormig

Garlic- A natural Immune substance. Everyone knows about it. it plays a vital role in our day to day life. it is one of the major ingredient in almost all recipe. it has some medicinal properties too. we can cure certain diseases with this Garlic. we are going to see how to improve the immune system of fishes using the garlic


  1. it has the property of enhancing immune system of fishes
  2. It increases appetite of fishes
  3. it has anti parasitic properties like natural dewormer
Garlic -fish doctor india

By giving garlic along with food we can avoid fish diseases. we may not get relevant medicines during some critical time. we have already published two videos about using salt as a treatment for fish disease management. next important ingredient is GARLIC. it is available everywhere throughout the year.

how to use salt for fish disease treatment:

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At first, we have to peel off the outer skin of garlic. inner part contains the active ingredient. now transfer them into a mixie to make them like little paste. we have to make them into semi juicy form. add little water to make it transform into solution form. donot add more water, because garlic essence will get, using a strainer, you have to separate the liquid part from the garlic paste.

If you have more garlic essence, you can keep some quantity in the refrigerator for future use. generally 5- 10 ml quantity is enough for few fishes.we can give this essence along with prawns and meat for Arowana and Oscar fishes etc. donot prepare more quantity of garlic coated pellet because food may get spoiled. so, prepare your food for 4 to 5 days. it is better to add garlic to all fishes

step1: Take required quantity of pellets in the container along with garlic essence.

step 2:do the proper mixing food with garlic essence so that mixing should be perfect for the uniform distribution of garlic to pellet feed.

step3: Allow the pellets to undergo drying under sun shade for the binding of garlic essence to pellets.( if binding is not proper, then the garlice essence may pollute the water). donot prepare more food.

when fish eats this coated pellets, garlic essence directly go into the fish stomach if you have oscar or angel or any fish, garlic coated pellets are good for them. during emergency time, give garlic coated pellets to all your fishes regularly. give garlic coated pellets to all fishes regularly . it does not have any side effects. Thus garlic acts as a good natural dewormer.

Garlic coated pellets can be given to all fishes even though they are healthy.

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