Basic Feeding Tips for Fishes

How to Feed Fishes?

Many hobbyists feed fishes in the wrong way. The purpose of this article is enlighten them about the different tricks we have to do to feed the fishes.

Before feeding, switch off your filter or Air pump. when you switch off, it gives an indication to the fishes that they are going to be fed. So, all fishes will come to the surface and eagerly waiting for food.

After switching off the power filter or canister filter or hangon filter, allow to water to calm down for few minutes. So, the turbulence created in the water comes to standstill.

Now, you can drop one pellet into the tank and allow the fish to bite and engulf the food.if you have many fishes in your tank, distribute the food to several places in the tank. After all the pellets are eaten by fishes, then drop few more pellets into the tank.

When you drop pellets, allow the fish to roam in the lengthwise side of the tank. This roaming is equivalent to taking the dog for walking. When you do this process, put on the light in your tank. It is easy to find out defects in fish eye in the presence of light.

Never ever feed you fishes in office going hurry or college going hurry. You will never enjoy the hobby unless until you spend time with your fishes. so spend some time with your fishes daily to enjoy yourself and to make them happy.

In certain household usually Ladies ( Mother) are fond of giving more food to fishes. This will lead to indigestion and spread of other diseases. we have to restrict to two timing of feeding per day.

In addition to this, there will be more problem if the fish tank is kept in a office. office staff may over feed the fishes. so, we have to give proper education to staff members about food and feeding.

when you want to give freeze dry shrimp , switch off the filter. Being less in weight, these shrimps will get sucked into the filter if you donot switch it off. many are unaware about this. as a result of this, there will be bacterial or fungal or parasitic infestation on blocked shrimps in filter.

To prevent this, switch off the filter and then feed shrimps to your fishes. In addition to this, you have to break the sharp rostrum in the shrimp which may cause some problem in the throat region of fishes. once fish get wound, they will try to avoid the food, which created the wound for them.

Fish feeding tips are very simple and understandable. so, keep following our blog and you tube channel for more information.