Feeder fishes for arowana good or bad ?

Normally feeder fishes are given as one of the major food for many varieties of carnivorous fishes like Arowana, Oscar, Piranha, Flower Horn etc. These carnivorous fishes are fond of hunting and catching the prey in natural habitats.

In fish tanks, many hobbyists provide feeder fishes like Gold fishes, zebra fishes, Mollies, Guppies etc as one of the important live food for carnivorous fishes. That too, many hobbyists buy feeder fishes in polythene bag containing 100 or 200 numbers and release them directly into their fish tank.

Disadvantages of Feeder Fish:

All live feeder fishes carry infectious organisms either inside or outside. so, we should not directly drop the live feeder fishes into tank. we have to quarrantine them with certain set of medications like Fish dr. xcare, Para plus and Bacimin . if you donot get these medications in your place, you can purchase what is available in your place.

These medications kills various parasites and bacteria and fungus and protect our fish from the dieseases.

Drooping eye In Arowana:

It is a kind of disorder in Arowana Fish. Usually one eye of Arowana will start hanging out of eye socket. This is mainly due to over stretching of one eye to catch the bottom feeder fish like gold fishes.

Excess fat accumulation in the eye region is removed by minor surgical process. However, this facility is available only in selected countries. As of now, it is not available in india.

If an arowana has got dropped eye, it can be maintained with the same level by alternative surface feeding methods. for example, we can train arowana to eat Super worms, Meal worms, ShrmipE and other arowana sticks.

How to prevent drooping eye?

  1. Donot feed bottom dwelling fishes
  2. Donot drop many feeder fishes at at time. drop one by one
  3. Quarrantine feeder fishes in separate tank with proper medications.

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