Fish Eggs fungus

Many hobbyists try to breed flower fishes. unfortunately breeding is not successful for many of them. There are many reasons for the unsuccessful breeding resulting in the formation of egg fungus. In this article, let us see reasons why fish eggs turns white.

1.Underdeveloped eggs:

Normally female start laying eggs when they attain maturity. but, it is not advisable to breed very small female flower horn for breeding. Diameter of eggs are very small when young flower horn lays eggs. Eggs will not have a capacity to become embryo. As a result of this, though a fertile male is used for breeding eggs will turn into white. so, to avoid this problem, select a female of minimum 5 to 8 months old.

2. Infertile male & Female:

we have to ascertain fertility of male and female. if either of this sex is infertile, eggs may turn into white. so, now you will ask, how to identify fertility of male and female fish?. To say it precisely, it is better to confirm fertility of either sex with a known fertile opposite sex. This process may be cumbersome for the beginners. Hence it is advised to get a confirmed proven pair from the reputed breeder. proven pair can be easily bred.

3. Water Quality parameters:

successful breeding depends upon water quality parameters particularly PH, TDS, Temperature. Generally, flower horn requires slightly alkaline pH 7.5 to 8.5 for successful breeding. similarly TDS should not above 1000 ppm. Temperature should be within 28 to 32 degree for the optimal hatching of eggs. so, check these water parameters for the successful breeding process. suppose, if your water does not meet minimum requirements, you can outsource the water for the breeding process.

4. Continuous use of Male for breeding:

some breeders use same male for crossing with other females immediately. sperm count will be less in such cases. This may also lead to non fertilisation and formation of egg fungus.. so, to avoid this, we have to provide sufficient nutrition and rest time for both male and female.

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