Tips for long life of Male Flower horn

To get more life span of male flower horn, you have to rear female flower horn also. few hobbyists think that, male flower horn hump will get reduced, if we rear female with male. it is not true.

it is quite common to see that most of the flower horn hobbyists cannot rear their fish beyond certain period of time. many flower horn fish die within short span like 1 year or 2 years. One of the reason for the death of male fish is lack of female flower horn in the tan.

Male and female flower horn:

Many hobbyists think that, they donot need female flower horn, because they are not going to breed flower horn. With this mind set, many hobbyists avoid keeping female fish in the tank.

the fact is whether you breed any fish or not, you have to allow fish to live with its opposite sex. we are keeping fishes for our happiness. but we never think about fish requirements. all fishes live together with opposite sex in the nature.

Now, you have a male fish. you want to add female fish in the tank to increase the life span of the male fish. what you have to do is get a female fish from a nearby store with size less than the male fish. Separate male and female fish in the tank with a partition glass. let us settle in your tank for some time.

Once there are more numbers of eggs produced, female fish tube(Genital Papilla) will be down and this is the right time to unite male and female fish together. so, remove the partition glass. if you allow male and female to join together, before female tube is down, there might be severe fight, which may result in the heavy damage to both fishes. so, join male and female at the breeding time.

We have published 10 parts of flower horn breeding in our you tube channel Fish Doctor India. subscribe to our channel to watch more videos about fish keeping.

Allow the fishes to breed in your tank. follow the procedures explained in our channel. once eggs hatched into small babies, donot separate them. let the babies grow along with the parents. Flower horns are known for their parental care.

After babies reaching a certain size, if possible, you can raise them or you can give them to your friends to rear.

When you buy new flower horn…..

if you are going to buy a new male fish, try to buy female fish also. seek the help of aquarium shop keeper to get good male and female. you should buy both sexes of fish for their better survival for a long time.

Never ever think to rear uni sex . it is always dangerous for the pet fish. finally, you pet fish may die due to absence of his/her partner. so, please keep these thing in your mind before rearing fishes. have a happy fish keeping.

You tube video is provided here explained both in TAMIL and ENGLISH languages. English video starting time is mentioned in the thumb nail.i.e 3.35 minutes.