Flower horn – Treatment for flower horn lying at bottom using Fish Dr. Medicines

IN this blog, we are going to see how to do treatment for a sick flower horn with Fish doctor Medicines for swim bladder disease.flower horn with swim bladder disease will be active for few minutes, then it goes and lies at the bottom. i am going to share a simple method for the treatment of sick fish

many hobbyists add medicine to the existing water itself. First take out all gravels and decorative items from the fish tank. now keep the tank idle without disturbing. now all the dust particles accumulate at the bottom of the tank.

now, take out 75% of water from the bottom of the tank along with the dust particles. then, remove activated carbon . This activated carbon will adsorb all Fish doctor medicines. so, we have to remove it. some people ask me is there any need to remove ceramic rings and bioballs. if possible remove them .

if your fish lies flat suddenly you have to do all these process to facilitate easy recovery. most importantly you have to keep 50% water in the tank.it is always better to keep water level at least 1 to 2 inches just above the lying fish.

Filters & Pressure:

we should not use high pressure internal filters in the tank. this heavy pressure will make the sick fish still sicker.so avoid it. so, you can use Sponge filter which is running with Air pump in the tank. if temperature is less, then you can keep one heater in the fish tank.

flower horn

some people keep a vertical glass to support the lying fish, so that it will not fall down. you should not do this, because it will cause much pain to the fish. it is a swim bladder disease. fish swims with the help of swim bladder filled with gas. if all gas is removed fish body is equivalent to rock and it will fall down.

This problem comes due to  either disease in swim bladder or torn bladder. without scan it is difficult to understand the problem in the fish. so far there are no advanced diagnostic tools available in india. so, when a fish lies down, we have to try with medicines to recover.if there is an infection in  the bladder, we can cure or else it is difficult to recover.

i told you to keep 50% water level. This is to avoid eye damage. when fish lies down at bottom and if you fill full water, the excess pressure will act on fish. bedsore is common for human bed ridden patients. so, we should not do treatment of lying down fishes in full tank water.

after the preparation of fish tank, flower horn Fish doctor medicines Paracure, Stress reducer, ENPR and xcare as per dosage according to the tank size. paracure and stress reducers work on digestive related infections and EnPR is the antibacterial works against infections in swim bladder. xcare works for external infections. medicine dosage will vary according to fish condition and tank size. To purchase medicines click the following link

First day you have to add these three four combinations. Second day there is no need of adding medicines. on third day do again 50% water change and repeat the medicines as per first day.

add two tea spoons of rock salt. we should not add salt during dropsy disease. for all other diseases, we can add salt. quality of water will change from place to place. so, you have to wait for minimum 3 hours before adding medicine.

suppose if the water is not fit for your fish, it will start struggling. so, it is better to use good quality water. always try to start the treatment process at the earliest time to recover your fish fast. so, this is the basic treatment procedure for a fish which is lying at the bottom.

check the following video to understand how to treat a sick fish