How to avoid scale formation in fish tanks?

Scale formation in fish tanks is highly problematic for many fish hobbyists. even we cannot see the fishes inside the tank.  A solution for this is to use the corporation water.

when you use corporation water, you can avoid this scaling in fish tank. corporation water is generally supplied from big lakes.

for example, if you take chennai city, Chembarabakkam, Cholavaram, poondi are some of the lake which supplies drinking water to the residents of Chennai Rain water is collected in these lakes during monsoon season

corporation authorities disinfect this water and distribute to people. bleaching chemical  will bleach the fish immediately.main purpose of adding bleaching chemical is to kill the germs in water so that disease outbreak can be prevented

Generally lake or dam water will be used for drinking purpose. mostly rain water is the major source of water for drinking purpose There will not be salt in rain water. so, salt formation will not occur  in fish tank

we have already published a video in our channel about chlorine finder and Remover . when u add chlorine finder in the sample water, water will turn into yellow colour. it indicates presence of chlorine

rain water that is Corporation water is better than the bore water. This corporation water is suitable for all types of fishes

those who live in apartments have to confirm the presence of chlorine in the water before adding to the fish tank.  even traces of chlorine compound will kill the fish

when you use corporation water, tank will look clear and it is suitable for all fishes

Chlorine finder and Chlorine remover demo video is given below.

watch this video also.

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