Easy Method of Meal worms Breeding

Meal worms are excellent live food that can be given to all fishes.  Breeding process of meal worms is very easy.

To start meal worms breeding all you need is a Plastic tub of dimensions.(2x1x0.6) ( in feet) (lxwxh). Fill half of the tub with good quality wheat bran. Ants and lizards are likely to eat meal worms. 

So, you have to use anti ants chemical surrounding the tub eg. HIT chalk piece. You can cover the top of tub with mesh to prevent lizard entry

Now, introduce adult live meal worms into the tray.Provide some hiding places for easy breeding of meal wormsor u can use plastic pvc ( 2 inches). keep few pvc pipes in the tub

Keep meal worms tray in a cool place. Because excess heat will meal worms and beetles. Feed meal worms daily with slices of potato, carrot or radish.

Meal worms pierce the vegetables and eat.  Before adding new slice of vegetables, ensure that the previously put vegetables are already eaten. Remove all dehydrated vegetables then and there.

removal of dried pieces of vegetables keeps the environment hygienic.you can also feed banana skin, cauli flower etc

Meal worms shed its outer skin during growth phase. So, you can find lot of skin accumulated on top of wheat bran. Remove those shed out skins using vaccum cleaner or manually.

Within a span of 15-20 days , meal worms curl its body and form as a cocoon.New beetle will come out of cocoon. New beetle will look white in colour. Beetle changes its colour from white to brown in few days.  Then changes to black colour.

if you buy  50 to 100 grams of meal worms starter ,it will  be sufficient to enough quantity of  beetles. The black coloured beetles slowly grows and reaches maturity. Both sexes will be present.  To get maximum production, increase quantity of meal worms.

Beetles breed in the tub. after 15-20 days From the eggs, new meal worm babies will come out. after breeding process, few beetles will die. so, we have to keep sufficient quantity of beetles as a back up.

meal worms eggs are invisible to naked eye. you can see small meal worms when you filter the wheat bran.Now you can transfer the beetles into another tray.  Wheat bran along with eggs and small live worms can be kept in another tray.

when you see small live worms, you can start feeding with cauli flower leaves or carrot or potato.Slowly you can increase the feed quantity.When meal worms grow, they excrete and total color of wheat bran changes into black colour

Meal worms compost is similar to vermi compost. it is highly nutritious for plants growth.you can use it for garden plants as a fertilizer.when wheat bran changes its colour, you have to change and replace with new wheat bran. Other wise growth of meal worms will get reduced

you will get marketable size of meal worms within 30-45 days. keep some worms as back up stock for producing next generation of meal worms

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