How to keep Filter media in Internal filter?

Health of fishes in an aquarium tank directly depends upon the hygienic conditions prevailing in the fish tank.  For efficient filtration and crystal clear water quality, we have to  keep several types of filter media in the filtration compartment of the filter.

most of the time, all the internal filters are not coming with Filter media.  Keeping in view of , a demo video is made how to keep filter media like, Activated carbon, Ceramic rings and bioblalls in the internal filter.

so, go through the demo video, you will get some idea about keeping filter media in the Internal Filter.


carbon: it acts as adsorbent of unwanted chemicals. it is must for all fish tank filtration. it has to be washed thoroughly before keeping in the filtration chamber. But it has to be removed while doing treatment process. it helps to remove trace chemicals after the treatment is over.

Ceramic Rings: it acts as medium for the growth of beneficial bacteria. Tiny pores in ceramic rings provide good housing for beneficial bacteria to grow. It has to be replaced at regular intervals to avoid clogging of pores. Rough ceramic rings favours growth of more bacteria.

Bioballs: it acts as medium for the beneficial bacteria. there is one spong in between the bioball. this sponge helps a medium for the growth of beneficial bacteria. we can open the two hemispeheres of bioballs to check the presence of sponge.