kidney is a vital organ which keeps fish by regulating salt in and out of fish body. All Fishes have a pair of kidneys.  Generally, all hybrid cichlids are affected by kidney related issues like kidney infection and Kidney failure.

When fishes are being fed with high proportion of protein feed continuously over a period of time, it will certainly affect the functioning of liver and kidney. Many hobbyists are guided by pet shop owners to give a single brand of fish food from the day of purchase. this is not a correct method of feeding fishes. Protein requirements of an animal vary from age to age

When fishes are at a growing stage, they need more protein and more fibre content food should be given in the adult stage.

This video clearly explains what are reasons for bulged abdomen in fishes and cause and cure for this problem. Watch the video thoroughly to understand the message that is told .

Dropsy Disease

when you give mild pressure in the abdominal region, you can witness the urine output from the genital papilla. Free flowing urine is noticed in a healthy fish whereas in case of sick fish affected by kidney infection or failure, there will not be urine out put.

Dropsy is one of the dreaded disease due to kidney failure. it attacks all types of fishes.

The video is published in both tamil and English language. English video starting time is mentioned in the beginning.