Bulged Abdomen Flower horn – A successful Treatment

Flower horn cichlids are highly prone to digestive disorders.  Bulgeness of abdomen is one of such case.  The bulgeness in flower horn may be due to the following 4 reasons

  • Constipation
  • Gas Accumulation in Stomach and gut
  • Kidney infection/failure
  • Breed quality

Constipation:  it is mainly due to poor digestion or improper feeding method.  The affected fish abdomen looks bulged and it cannot defecate.  Accumulation of waste products make the fish belly bulged.  Fish feels uncomfortable due to extra pressure on abdomen

Gas Accumulation: Presence of more gas in the stomach or gut make the abdomen of fish bulged. Some pathogenic bacteria are responsible for gas production in stomach and gut. So, we have to give comprehensive set of medications to recover the fish to normalcy.

Kidney infection/ failure: Concurrent failure of kidney and liver leads to a disease called “Dropsy”.  More accumulation of fluids will lead to bulgeness of abdomen an finally leading to loss of color and appetite.  As of now, no medications available for dropsy cases.  sometimes urinary infection may also leads to bulgeness of abdomen.  This urinary problem can be treated.

Breed quality: Nowadays many flower horn hybrids come with bulgeness.  Basically it is a character of that particular breed.  we should not confuse this bulgeness with other types of bulgeness.  In this case fish will be very active and eats normally and excretes.

Our Customer, approached us for the treatment of bulged abdomen.  we gave few medications like Fish Dr. Paracure, Stress reducer, Enpr, Xcare, G-probac and Energy booster.

Customer followed our instructions.  Tremendous improvement in the activity of fish was evident within few days.  We have provided his whatsapp number in the attached video. You can contact him if u want any further information.

Watch the video.. how the fish was recovered to normalcy.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgL5CP2c3ew[/embedyt]