White spot

This is one of the prominent disease of all fishes. It normally attacks fishes during chill climate.  Presence of tiny white spots over the body is the primary symptom of this disease. 

Affected fishes scratch body against rough surface to get rid of the pain.   This white spot parasites punctures fish skin and suck blood for multiplication.

This disease can be easily cured with Fish Dr. 3in1 solution combined with salt and heater. Better results are obtained when treatment is done in bare bottom tank. Removal of 25% water from throughout the bottom helps for the fast recovery of fishes.

It is better to remove all decorations and bottom gravels for the efficient way to cure the disease. watch the following videos to know more.

Three set of combination of Medications Fish Dr.3in1 is highly effective for white spot prevention and cure. Click the adjacent image to purchase it online.