FH G-Probac


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It contains 5 soft gel capsules containing unique beneficial bacterial strains to improve immune power of fishes. open one capsule and take little powder into a small container and then add 6-10 drops of energy booster and add little water.  mix well. add few pellets into this.  allow the pellets to absorb solutions for 5 minutes.  Then u can feed the pellets to your fishes.  Demo video of this given here.  please have a look at it.




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15 in stock


G-probac contains unique blend of beneficial bacterial strains that mainly works in the gut of the fishes.  These bacterial colonies multiply in the gut and increases digestive power of fishes.  This product can be given through two routes viz.

1.Along with food (or)

2.water application

the demo video of usage instructions given in the link of our youtube channel

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mYepWpq9rU[/embedyt]


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